The Best Innovator Award

In 51st IPC Indore
Mr. Ajit Singh the Managing Director of
Associated Capsules Group
& Mr. B. N. Thakre the president of IPCA
& Chairman & Managing Director of Norris Medicine on behalf of the
Indian Pharmaceutical Congress awarded
Arvind Manchanda, Director Plus Creations Pvt. Ltd.
The Best Innovator Award
for launching AIMS, CID beneficial for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers,
Marketing Companies, Institutions, Clinical Pharmacists,
Doctors & other Pharmaceutical Professionals

PLUS CREATIONS, a young firm known for its services in the medical advertising field is now also contributing in the field of softwares & CDs. Plus creations always gave importance to time & quality services, in the new millennium they have once again proved the importance of time and quality in the pharmaceutical field by developing the quick retrieval system -
AIMS©- Advanced Information on Medical Specialities; AIR -2nd VER Ayurvedic Information Retrieval;.

Comprehensive Information on Doctors (softwares & Cds)

In the past there was only one way a Company could retrieve information and that was through books and its index. It was really time consuming as one had to go through number of pages & books to search for the required material. But now, in this competitive world, with this fast paced environment one can have the access to information Instantly through CDs specially designed for the benefits of the persons related to the pharmaceutical & allied fields. Instant information on various topics like Category, Descriptions, Generic Names, Ingredients, Composition, Dosage, Contraindications, Side Effects, Manufacturers, Types, Strength, Packaging, Presentation & Price. These data are Updated timely and accurately and are in the CDs, for their Instant retrieval. The Information can be quickly retrieved through Category-wise, Generic-wise, Brand name-wise, Indications-wise, Manufacturers-wise. One can have all data & use according to his own requirements.

These CDs are specially designed for Directors, consultants, Institutes Pharmacists, R & D Depts., Doctors, Manufacturers, Product Managers, Importers & Exporters& like.

Plus Creations had stalled at 51st IPC (Indian Pharmaceutical Congress'99 ), Indore & had successfully launched CDs -

Advanced Information on Medical Specialities

AIR 2nd Ver.- Ayurvedic Information Retrieval, CID- Comprehensive Information on Doctors. In India data on herbal & pharmacological data & detailed information has been never launched before electronically. It is for the first time in India some one had come up with this CD for fast retrieval of information on herbal products and Pharmacological data & Addresses of Doctors of different states. These CDs have been successfully accepted and appreciated all over India. This has been further proved as they got THE BEST INNOVATOR AWARD from the well known & highly qualified dignitaries in 51st IPC, Indore. The efforts of PLUS CREATIONS & their SOFTWARE TEAM have been awarded in the pharmaceutical field by well known personalities Mr Ajit Singh Managing Director of Associated Capsules Group & Mr. B.N. Thakare the president of I.P.C.A & Chairman & Managing Director of Norris Medicine by other highly qualified personalities. Mr. Arvind on behalf of the Co. PLUS CREATIONS is inspired by the appreciation he has received at the dice of IPC committee and at his stall and now even at his office where phones & letters are constantly pouring in for procuring these CDs.

Arvind thanked all these respected gentlemen at Indore for making his project a success & would like to thank them once again for their valuable support. He is inspired & promises to further improve & upgrade his software for them & others who are still not aware of its utilities.

During an interview with Arvind, when he was asked -What inspired him to make AIMS, AIR, CID. In reply he remarked, "I believe Indian Brain is far better than foreigners and can do much better than what they are doing at present in the pharmaceutical field. It is only data retrieval which is a very slow process in India so Indians are not able to achieve what they could, if their data were strong. Not only this, Indians prefer to go abroad to work, as they find the system over there very easy and systematic. Clerical job is reduced to minimum over there. When we all are aware of this fact, then why don't we upgrade this data retrieval system of ours, according to our current requirement & the future scope as well. And this is what I did. I tried to store all the data in 1 CD for instant retrieval. AIMS was a success because not only Doctors, Managers, Pharmaceutical Consultants, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Product Managers, Marketing Manager, consultant importers, exporters, directors but also others like Consultants, Clinical pharmacists, Manufacturers, Institutions & others in Pharmaceutical field are benefited magnificently on both Allopathic & Ayurvedic formulations. There is a wide scope for those who knows its value. Indians are benefited by it. Our voluminous range of books & time management is no more a problem. Now-a-days nearly everybody has a computer be it in Companies, Shops, Offices or homes. So, why not retrieve data faster & achieve success sooner and surely.

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