• Product Description

    Wooden Spoons are 100% biodegradable disposables packed in 100% ecofriendly boxes.
    They are produced using high quality wood
    It's safe to use with food & Perfect for serving appetizers.
    It can be thrown out with food waste

    Pyramid Wooden Spoons have light colour, smooth surface and high tensile strength. They possess a tight grain structure that prevent them from breaking easily.

    The user-friendly design of the dispenser allows you to easily draw the spoons. 

    100% infestation resistant,you can safely use Pyramid Wooden Spoons over your barbeques or grills. If you want to grill goods over barbecue or very high-heat, Serve delicious bite-sized foods for your next party or merely surprise your family members with a simple recipe.

    The material is made hygienically to avoid any health issues to customers. These are just right for nice kebabs, satay or marshmallows etc. These are widely used in functions, marriage parties, restaurants and many other places. These sticks can also be used for various craft applications.

Category Disposable Item
Sub-Category Disposable Item
Price (MRP) 149.00
Our Price 134.10
Shipping 35.00
Usually delivered within 5-7 working days depending upon your delivery address.

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