FOOD POUCHES | 8.5" X 6.25" | 100 POUCHES

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  • Pyramid Food Paper Pouches (100 Pouches)

    Size :  8.5" X 6.25"

    Moisture Resistant & Oil Resistant, Healthy & Eco-Friendly Pouches.

    They can be sealed using Using L Sealers & or Home Iron or Hot Chimts or Hot Poon simply by running Hot Instrument on Edges pressed together.

    Extends The Shelf Life of all your Fruits & Vegetables by 15 - 20 Days Gauranteed. Simply Fill the Pouch with Veggies, Seal and Store in refrigerator. 

    It keep the Natural Moisture of the Fruits & Vegetables in and Oxygen from the Atmosphere Out. This extends the Shelf Life of Your Food Product by weeks (eg. Your Green Veggies like Corriander, Spinach, Fenugreek, other green Leafy Vegetables, Green Chillies, Lemons, Fruits etc. get spoilt in couple of days, but if kept inside these pouches & refrigerated will keep them spotless, fresh, odourless with all nutrients intact for weeks. )

    The product is tested and Validated by Food Technologists of NIFTEM.

    Wrap your Meals - Pack French, Sandwiches, Burgers, Roti, paratha, pickle, snacks etc. 

    Ideal for storing & maintaining freshness in bakery item like :- cookies, snacks.

    For Packing your Lunch, Take away Food for travelling, Convenient handling and Storage purposes.

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